See how many I get this year

Well, it's another new year. The older I get the less value this has to me. That reads negative but I'm don't view it as that. I'll go into this in a later post about not viewing people/places/experiences/what have you as negative just because I felt indifferent or didn't like something. I feel like this there's so much pressure to like everything with a passion or have a strong opinion why you didn't like it. 

Moving on to what this post is about. A new year and new goals.
I have had this blog for 3 years now I think. At the beginning of the year, I usually post a picture of yearly goals and then present them with a fill in the blank for the viewer. Some of them easy to figure out and others more mysterious or ones you can actually fill in yourself. This year I'm not doing that. I went through and looked at some goals that I set for myself last year. The main ones that I set out for and completed were read more, be in the moment(not distracted by my phone) and be a better listener. I still have plenty of work to do on the second two but I do feel like I have improved on them. I read a total of 11 books which is much but going from only 2 or 3 a year before that I feel good about it. They ranged from fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, comics you name. This year I will try to double this number. We have plenty of books at home that I have never read or would like to reread so I'm going to start there.

The only new goal that's on my list that I'm going to let you in on this year is the goal of reevaluating my goals monthly. The main point of this is to keep me cognizant of my goals and I'm doing what I can to accomplish these goals and to make sure they are still important to me as the year goes on.  

Here we go again.