It’s Been Awhile

Hey everyone!
It’s been a super busy couple of months. I'll just give you a quick recap of what I’ve been up to.

I volunteered to design a poster for CSCA.  I designed the poster for David Vawter who is chief creative officer at Doe-Anderson in Louisville. The focus of his lecture was their advertising campaigns for Makers Mark. The poster is a folded mail piece. I’ll have better pictures of that to come.

I wrote an interest piece for the Columbus Blue Jackets opening night of the 2016-2017 NHL season for 614Now. That can be found here.

My band had its first couple of shows over the past few months, so I made flyers for those. We’re called First Bite.

I made this cute Halloween mailer at work this past week. It was fun to step away from the computer for a bit & have paper be the main focus for creating.

I also made the transformation to the Betelgeuse this past weekend. I’ve got lots of things coming up that I’m excited for. Talk to you soon!