Favorite Albums of 2017

Here are my favorite albums that were released in 2017 in no particular order.

•Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity
•Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
•Kendrick Lamar -  DAMN.
•Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
•Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory
•Civilized - Chopping Block
•Converge - The Dusk in Us
•Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstacy
•Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
•Hell - S/T
•Oxbow - Thin Black Duke
•Necrot - Blood Offerings
•Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape
•Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
•Undergang - Misantropologi
•The Replacements - For Sale Live at Maxwell's 1986
•Ryan Adams - Prisoner
•Immolation - Atonememt
•Wolves in the Throne Room - Thrice Woven

Here are my favorite 6 shows from this year in no particular order as well.

•Kendrick Lamar & YG
•Obituary, Exodus & Power Trip
•Neurosis & Converge
•Cannibal Corpse, Gatcreeper & Power Trip
•Undergang & Necrot

Yearly update, whoops!

Well, it’s the end of the year and I neglected my blog once again. But this year had some big changes.

The biggest was I was finally laid off from my design position at Print Syndicate earlier in the year. At the time of it happening it was more of a blessing than a curse. It was hard seeing so many talented coworkers being treated poorly with lack of management and lack of compensation. Whether it was never getting raises or having to take pay cuts while also taking on other peoples works who was let go it was very situation to be in for everyone around. I had seen this “position elimination” coming for a long time and was surprised that it actually took so long to happen.

Snagged this from a great co-worker and friend Jennifer Gineros

Snagged this from a great co-worker and friend Jennifer Gineros

Photo taken by Rogue Media team

Photo taken by Rogue Media team

With all the negative baggage that came with my tenure at PS, there is so much positive to out weight it. Everyone around me was so talented & has grown to be very close friends. Almost everyone younger at some point in their twenties. Though we may have lacked guidance from someone with the experience we all felt very comfortable around one another. At least from my perspective, when my immediate team would brainstorm or come time to create with one another it was very open thoughts and ideas because their little worry of judgment and we were excited to work with one another.

Also before the company started its downwards times there were some great parties & I met my girlfriend of fours years now there!

But as you can tell I saw the position would be coming to an end at some point so during my last 4 months there I’d say I started to slowly begin to update my resume & portfolio so when the time came I was ready to start looking.

I applied and interviewed at a handful of places and now I am the Senior Designer at Rogue Fitness. Everything is awesome so far! My team is a really awesome group of people & I get to work on an array of multiple types of projects which is great for me. I get burnt out working on the same things week in and week out(Marketing emails, never again.) I mean just in these past 6 months I've worked on the web page layout, product packaging, branding projects, wayfinding, and an array of print projects just to scrape the surface. I’m still learning daily about the products & brand which is great. Also who knew how much went into workout equipment(not me). I’ve already got to work on some awesome projects. Here’s the newest build board I created with the team. Defiantly the largest print item I’ve ever worked on.

2017 Athlete Banner for Rogue Booth at 2017 Crossfit Games

2017 Athlete Banner for Rogue Booth at 2017 Crossfit Games

There's lots of cool stuff that I'll be posting in the future as well once products have launched as well as some unused graphics. Here's the poster stylization that I came designed for Rogues Athletes for the 2017 Crossfit games. 

In between all of this serious “career” life event happening there were a lot more personal work and relaxed creating happening. I’ll talk about my favorite albums & shows this past year with my last post of the year as usual. But I designed a logo for my buddies funk cover band, misc flyers for shows for the band I play in & a tape layout for as well. 

I don’t have a favorite movie that I saw this year. I feel like I actually didn’t see many movies this year but I know for sure the new twin peaks series one of my favorite things I watched this year. Lynch really pushes the viewer and I love that. Semi-related to that my close friends Matt & Lisa released a comic this year called Long Lost this year(Twin Peaks inspired some of what you can do with writing) and it’s awesome so far! The first issue came out in November & I can’t wait to pick up the second.

Below you can see some random miscellaneous projects worked on over the past year. I'll be adding some pages to the main part of my page for more one off graphics and graphics related to music and bands.