Photo by Tyler Bartley

Bradley Patrick is a graphic designer based in Ohio’s capital city. Over the past 5 years, Bradley has developed multiple ecommerce brands, designed countless logos, and scaled a number of 80 foot rock walls. In his free time, Bradley enjoys headbanging, rock climbing, and stuffing his face with fried chicken.


Favorite Albums of 2018(So far)
Mammoth Grinder - Cosmic Crypt
Of Feather and Bone - Bestial Hymns of Perversion
Vile Gash - Nightmare in a Damaged Brain

Reading List of 2018(So far)
(Currently Reading) Extinction: A Radical History - Ashely Dawson
(Currently Reading) House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration
One More Year - Simon Hanselmann
Conquest for Bread - Peter Kropotkin
Slaughter House Five - Kurt Vonnegut